What’s up world?  We got another lit track review lined up for you all.  The single “Dark Secrets Feat. EESTA” is coming from the hip hop artist named BigMoneyBrezzy.  The Austin, Texas native is on the grind releasing a constant flow of cuts to get his name out to the masses.  On this particular cut his team unleashes a smooth and lush R&B’ish production to no doubt get the ladies out of their lingerie.  

      The production itself is very smooth and something to bob your head to in the club.  The synths and pads really highlight the classy grown and sexy vibe that the track evokes.  The chorus leaves a little to be desired, its simplistic and  they attempt their best R&B rendition to set the mood.  The verses themselves are cool and work well for the subject matter.  Brezzy raps on his verse “Girl they can’t, treat you like I treat you / Girl he can’t, eat you like I eat you”.  You won’t find anything too deep here which makes perfect sense for the type of vibe they are trying to put out.  Eesta does well on his verse as well, the flow and the delivery are cold.  Overall the track is pretty catchy and the production is excellent.  He might have something here and hopefully the fans will agree.  Keep a lookout for BigMoneyBrezzy and all of his future projects.


This song gives you that player type pimp c vibe the way BigMoneyBrezzy and EESTA are expressing there dark secrets and going in depth, by giving different scenarios on the situation.


This  Austin Texas Native is here to stay. Staying active, today Big Money Brezzy has dropped of his latest record, “Down Like Frazier”.


BigMoneyBrezzy is not letting up off the gas, with back to back singles, to Keep the fans engaged. This time he does it with his partner in crime, MoneyBoiTre, who is also an Austin Texas Native, and I must say these guys literally serenaded this Track with there on flavor. This track is one of those ones you wine and dine to, while it is pouring down rain. This one here will make you reminisce on good and ruff times in life.


BigMoneyBrezzy -Drunk Driving

Artist: BigMoneyBrezzy
Song: Drunk Driving
Ep: Difference (TBA)
ISRC: QM-ZMN-16-00001
Engineered By: Eric Eesta French
Recorded : Hoodswagg Dungeon Austin, Texas

Available on Pandora Now ??????
Pandora: Https://pandora.com/bigmoneybrezzy


BigMoneyBrezzy is storming the streets, with hit single after hit single, but this one he is going back to his roots with rhyming vicious and grimey, speaking nothing but the truth. Then he decides to throw on board with him, the Kreature aka Eesta to bless up this banger, and trust me, you”re going to love this street Anthem, no ifs ands or buts, but this will be your new jam.

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Some people enjoy a little challenge from time to time in a relationship.  Austin, TX native BigMoneyBrezzy enlightens us on how situations can get real when your significant other is playing games but you still pursue that person in his new video "Hide N Seek."

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So Good to Valentines Day Big Money Brezzy keeps the hits coming, especially with this smooth freaky banger #SoGood is that one, then it's valentines day so you can't go wrong with the vibes...just wine and dine with your soul mate to this one, not kids allowed for this one but you might conceived some...hahahahaha